Disinfecting streets in INDIA to contain coronavirus

Coronavirus LIVE: Madhya Pradesh sees 5 new cases; India total rises to 564

Even after the total lockdown for 21 days, cases of Covid-19 rose in INDIA to 564 on Wednesday.

On tuesday during his address to nation Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed a 21 days lockdown to curb the rising cases of Coronavirus in India but despite that the cases of Coronavirus has been increasing.

Tamil Nadu reported a death of 54 year old Coronavirus patient.

India is a country of more than 1.3 Billion people where early measures to contain the virus spread has to taken strictly as otherwise if the virus spreads rapidly like it is doing now then we do not have enough facilities to treat all these people.

Prime Minister also warned people “to handle these 21 days well, and if people does not abide by the law and government directives, then our country will go back 21 years”


Coronavirus has infected 422,629 and caused 18,895 deaths. India is under lockdown till April 14. Stay tuned for LIVE updates on Covid-19

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