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INDIA LIVE: Modi locks down India for 21 days from TODAY midnight

Due to the exploding of cases of COVID-19 in INDIA which is setting it’s foot rapidly in INDIA, PM Modi has put a 21 days lockdown of the whole country to stop the infection during his address to the nation today.
During this lockdown only essential services and essential shops will open, also the enforcement of the 21 days lockdown will be much stricter than the “Janta Curfew” on Sunday due to the fact that many people flouted the advice of the Government of India.
All of the States will be strictly enforcing the same while preparing the nation to cope with this pandemic.
The government deferred deadlines for filing tax returns, extended a tax amnesty program and unveiled other relief steps, while promising more measures to support the economy amid the pandemic.
“We are very close to coming up with an economic package which will be announced sooner rather than later,” said Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman at a press conference in Delhi.
India, Asia’s third-largest economy, is under pressure to boost spending to fight the economic fallout of the pandemic that’s infected close to 400,000 people globally and 551 in India and brought normal life to a halt.
Citizens across India observed a self-imposed curfew Sunday, a day when the country’s borders were also sealed temporarily to international flights aimed at limiting the spread of the virus.
As the cases of COVID-19 are proliferating in INDIA with the current tally of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in INDIA of more than 551.
We request people to please stay at home, Jaan rahegi to paise kamaoge.
At present there is no known cure or vaccine of this novel coronavirus which has taken the global death toll to more than 15000 people.
At present the best we can do is isolate and be in your home until this corona crisis subsidise and there are no new cases that will report for at least 15 days so that we can be sure that we have no new cases spiralling up anywhere in INDIA.
During the 21 days lockdown we have to practice certain things that will keep us safe from coronavirus while going outside for essential items like food, milk, medicines etc.
1. While going out wear a mask, full sleeves shirt and trousers that you can wash when you are back home.
2. Carry a sanitizer in pocket and use it after touching any surface including, groceries, milk packets etc.
3. Do not touch the shop counter, neither rest your elbows on the counter.
4. Practice social distancing while shopping.
5. Call home before reaching home so that your family can put a hot water detergent solutions where you put your clothes in and wash everything that you have bought from outside, do not touch your face or any other body part. Take a quick bath with soap and then go inside the house, don’t forget to sanitise your wallet, phone, car/scooter keys etc.
ALWAYS TRY TO PAYTM OR UPI and not to use Cash that can carry the virus.
This way you will make sure that you did not bring coronavirus with you at home.
It’s just like when you come back after a cremation.
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