Gyanguruji Review of Sony Alpha Mirrorless

Why buying a Mirrorless camera in 2019 is a smart move

Hello friends, many of you must be thinking to buy a camera probably a DSLR whether you want to make videos for youtube or use it as your travel camera a good camera is always a great investment to capture your memories. Now when you think of a good quality camera a Bulky DSLR with Big Lenses comes to your mind but now there’s a great news for you that it has all changed due to advancement of technology.

A DSLR MeansĀ  Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera which means that there is a Mirror between the sensor and the lens which is used to show the view from the Lens through the viewfinder. This mechanism makes the camera more bulky and prone to malfunctions.

Mirrorless are essentially a DSLR without the Mirrors which are used to view through the lens. rather they have a digital viewfinder which is a small screen that shows whatever the sensor is viewing. It also shows real time changes in the image when you change the setting like F Stop, Shutter speed, ISO etc.


Mirrorless are very light and compact which makes shooting with them a breeze as it’s easy to hold so less prone to vibration during shooting. You can hold it steadily for longer hours.

The most important feature of Mirrorless is that it reflects real time changes on the screen and viewfinder itself which makes the photos much better and reduce the chance of underexposed etc. photos.

Also they are much more affordable and easy to carry then their DSLR Counterparts.

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