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How to Market Your Business in a Shoestring Budget, Small Business Marketing

How to Market Your Business in a Shoestring Budget, Small Business Marketing

This century has witnessed a humongous number of startups ranging from technology to water and plastic recycling which makes the competition even more stiff and cut throat as the more the number of startups the more everyone tries to get seen as visibility is one of the key factors in deciding the success of the business, visibility helps a company engage more people and more people means more prospects to generate more revenue and customer base. It is time to find creative ways to market your Business.

To get seen the big shots are spending billions of dollars per year for advertisement and other promotions ranging from print to digital media they cover it all. This guide will show you how to market your Business both Locally and Globally.

So, the big question for most startups is that how to compete with these industry giants with limited budget and resources at your disposal.

This guide also discuss startup marketing Ideas, Marketing your Startup in 2019

With limited amount of funds and resources it seems to be a pretty daunting task to advertise and compete with the market behemoths. Most people think that they cannot match to the spending of big businesses.

Today I will show you ways by which you can market your business in in a shoestring budget. We will also cover the topic How to market your Business on Social Media and How to Market your Business Online

So without waiting for more time let’s start with the guide, to market you can cover each of some of these topics depending upon your expertise

1. Social Media Marketing: Since the advent of the social media people are rapidly getting online using platforms, Such as Social Networks like Facebook and Instagram are already having more than trillion people online by now. So it is a target where you can shoot your arrows blindly and still be sure that your arrow will hit the target due the sheer number of people that are online.

Social media marketing is one of the most popular and best ways to market your business, marketing of social media is as simple as creating a page and sharing it and regularly updating it with your product and services.

Alternatively you may also opt for paid promotions on Facebook and other popular social media networks if you are not satisfied with the reach

2. Get a Website: Gone are the days when getting a website were a thing of large conglomerates and big business houses, today with the advancement of technologies and cloud technology has made running a website of your business as low as INR 2500/- per year.

Also if you are not a technical guy or do not want to get into making a website you can hire a freelancer at rock bottom prices on websites like or etc. Some may even make a website for you for free.

Websites like GoDaddy  Hostgator are offering their services at very low prices for first time users.

Gone are the days when people used to refer to business cards/visiting cards or flyers and yellow pages to get information about any business or services. Nowadays everyone searches for their desired product and services online so getting a website is a really great idea where you can showcase all your products and services at once 24×7 365 days a year. Seems like a great idea, wait there’s more to it.

You can SEO your website by seeking help or employing professional SEO Services. SEO(Search Engine Optimization ) simply means to make your website appear higher in SERP Search Engine Ranking which is a huge plus for your business as the more you are visible the more likely for you to attract potential clients. For more information on what is SEO and how does it work click the Link (What is SEO)

3. Google My Business Listing: Not all good things are paid, you can sign up with Google my business and list your business for free and your business will appear on Google searches and Google maps which is a huge Win-Win for your business. Google offers free listing of your business on their platform which marks the business place on Google and if someone searches for similar business and services like yours in the vicinity then it’s highly likely that your business will also appear in the search results.

As we all know that Google is the biggest search engine in the world and it’s often used as a synonym on searching the web. eg: Just Google It.

Google has been the pioneer of web technologies and has one of the best team and fastest servers so you won’t go wrong with listing your business on Google.

If you want to further increase your reach you may opt for Google Ads which is a paid promotion on Google, so whenever someone will search something that is relevant to your business your website will show at the top as an ad which makes it highly likely to get people onboard.

4. Blogging: Blogging is not just for people who want to share information or trivia but it has grown to be one of the most powerful ways to market and share your business while providing information to customers which makes them feel that you are the paramount of your industry. Blogging is one of the fastest ways to build traffic to your website but we have to keep in mind that the blogs should be informative and should carry latest information.

5. Affiliate marketing: This type of marketing is the newest way of marketing which has become so popular that mutually benefits the seller and the middle man.

Affiliate marketing is basically a way of marketing in which a business gives a particular commission to a person who sells their product in layman terms.

To get full information on what is affiliate marketing and how it works please click the link below for more details:

6. Vlogging: Video Logging is similar to blogging the difference is just that vlogging refers to video blogs. Websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. have made huge number of powerful and popular Video Bloggers Millionaires by the fact that if someone said that a picture is worth a thousand words then probably he/she did not heard of Videos.

If you want to start Video Blogging and know how to do that please click the link (How to start building Youtube Videos or Vlogging)

As DSLR’s are now cheaper than ever, everyone can make stunning videos and post to their Video Blogs and if the video is informative and people want that information it is highly likely that you can start getting people onboard and you will become a very powerful voice.

7. WhatsApp Marketing/SMS Marketing: just like the old days when people used to send bulk SMS but with time Government has bought up measures such as DND (Do Not Disturb) Directory through which cellphone users can safely block Marketing SMS Promotions. Now you have to be a registered Telemarketer to be able to send Bulk SMS. and there are many bulk SMS Service providers with their own databases to provide you with marketing solutions.

Although some people might find Bulk SMS service Expensive but there is always a free alternative and here it is WhatsApp Marketing, as we all know WhatsApp Works on Data Services and it’s not easy to intercept data like we can do with Cellular Calls and SMS.

And in addition to this WhatsApp marketing features multimedia messages which means you can send small videos or photos, animations etc. to your prospective customers. WhatsApp marketing is pretty easy task and you can even buy softwares to automate this task. If you want to buy WhatsApp Marketing Software please E-Mail on or Call 9783444418 or 9783444419 .

To start Marketing your business through Whatsapp all you have to do is make a message or picture or video which you want to send to people, then login to whatsapp web on you computer to make it easier to send the messages.

Then Start a Broadcast Message which will send your message to everybody.

8. Print Marketing: In today’s digital era we are so engrossed in the internet and digital world that we totally neglect print marketing and many marketing experts also forgets the same.

Flyers, Business cards are something that still holds their value as a powerful mode of marketing.

Often neglected they provide the value as you cannot just take a message in the market and send it everyone you meet, similarly you can give your flyer and business card or perhaps a brochure to everyone you meet.

So that’s all for now hope you all liked my blog on how to successfully market your business on a shoestring budget.

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