Best Programming Languages to learn in 2019

Top 10 Programming Languages to learn in 2019

Best Programming languages to learn in 2019

Many computer science graduates would be asking this question that what is the best programming language that they can learn to catapult their career in the year 2019 and stay ahead of the competition
Today is the Era where there are limitless possibilities and this is the era of Artificial intelligence so it’s a great idea to learn a language that supports Ai and has vast community support and market penetration.
According to my research the top 10 Programming Languages to learn in 2019 are as follows:-

1. Python: Python is a very simple programming language which enables you to do more with less code, it’s fairly simple and has the ability to make both web and desktop stand alone apps which makes it a very powerful language, It is the choice of the language when it comes to code Artificial Intelligence Apps like the most popular Application be the Chat Bots.
Today Python has grown to a fairly mature language and has vast community, some examples of Python that you use in daily life are Dropbox, Google etc.
2. Javascript: Javascript is on of the most popular lanugages of the decade and is still going strong, due to it’s sheer popularity and applications that it can be used it is one of the most used language in the programming world, it helps you to create real time graphic effects on web, Validation, Real time work without the need to refresh the page.
3. Java: Java is one of the strongest lanugages in the programming world and it’s been there for more than 3 decades, being an Object Based Language it gives all the modern functionality. Java was made with the idea of Code Once and Run anywhere which made it a language that came with every device even a set top box of a television had Java in It, The first Smartphones OS were coded in Java making it a choice of every programmer due to power and flexibility and the security it offered.
4. C++ : C Plus Plus is by far the oldest and most powerful programming language so far in this list which gives the ability to twist and turn every stone in the programming world. All of the High Speed and Demanding applications are coded in the same language. C++ is a superset of the old is gold language C . C++ is an object oriented language which works on the latest methodologies of the modern programming paradigms.
C++ is a great language which runs most of the big corporates be it Microsoft, Google etc. Also be it Goldman Sachs, JP Morgane Chase etc.
C++ is a performance behemoth, it’s like some companies like amazon has a philosophy that use C++ where we can.
5. PHP: PHP is the language of the web more than 90% of the web runs on PHP including the SOcial media Behemoth Facebook, PHP is a very simple and fast language. PHP is an open source programming language and has vast community and set of libraries, most of the web is made by the combination of HTML/CSS, PHP and Javascript.
PHP is a part of the famous LAMP Suite which means Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP together which power the web.
6. SQL: SQL (Structured Query language) is a language used to extract data through Relational Database management systems, SQL enables to extract relevant data depending upon the query done on the database.
SQL is helful in AI also as it is a part of Data Analytics, as today all th world is driven by data and profits are delivered by making informed decisions. That information is crunched using SQL and other database query language. Today a dedicated field is there which works to extract data, Data Scientists around the world use the SQL to extract the data.
7. C : C is the vastly popular and mother of more than a dozen of programming lanugages, all the Operating System be it Windows, Linux, UNIX, Macintosh are all coded using C, this shows the sheer power of C Programming language it was created in AT & T Bell laboratories during 1987 by Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan after which this language has been vastly used in many applications due to it’s simplicity, power and efficiency through which it runs of Systems. Speed is one of the USP’s of C language that made it a popular language.
8. Ruby:Ruby is another language that is widely used for development of Web Apps, Ruby is a dynamic, Object Oriented, General Purpose Programming language, it’s very flexible as there are many ways to do the same thing in Ruby, Ruby couple with it’s libraries becomes Ruby on  Rails. Ruby has large community of users and libraries that offer fast and easy robust development.

Some big names that use Ruby on Rails are, ZenDesk Chat, Twitter, GitHub etc.
9. C#: Pronounced as C Sharp it’s a modern day Object oriented general purpose language offered by Microsoft coupled with the Microsoft Visual Studio C# can be a great choice to develop PC applications fast and easy, C# is syntactically a lot similar to Java which makes the learning curve easy.

It’s a fairly easy language to learn and make great applications.

10. Swift: Swift is the language used to develop iOS and Mac Apps for Apple Devices, earlier Objective C was used for the same but many developers felt that it is cumbersome to develop in Objective C and Swift Programming Language came to their rescue, Swift has fast grown as the preferable language or the language of choice for the Programmers. As we all know that Native Apps outperform Hybrid Apps it’s just that developing a Hybrid App is faster and Cheaper.

Together with X-Code Swift packs a great punch for the people who are looking to develop iOS and Mac Apps.

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